Important Innovations in Major Industries

picture of sewing machine at work.

Discovery and invention have always been the backbone of the manufacturing industry. New products, more efficient machinery, and progressive methods of construction work continually to build a better mousetrap. But it's not just mousetraps that are constantly improving: three main leaders in industry—in cars, footwear, and electronics—have made exciting innovations in the past decade that could affect how you drive your car, wear shoes, or even charge your laptop.

The automobile industry isn't just concerned with giving you the best-performing vehicle you can have; now you can perform better as a driver with new safety feature options. The shoe industry can help you run better, walk more comfortably, and perfectly complete your outfit, but now it's also looking to use sustainable practices to help the earth function better, too. Electronics don't just let us work and play; the electronics industry is working to make electricity work harder, too.

Car Industry

The automobile industry may not have created self-driving cars yet, but they are producing cars that have features that can make you a better driver. Increased vision aid, brake assistance, and alert driver support are all current options to help you stay safe and responsible. Learn about what's available here.

Vegan Shoes

The shoe industry isn't just concerned with your feet anymore—in recent years, it's become concerned with the industry's carbon footprint, too. By using plant-based materials creating new manufacturing techniques to make these styles popular with the public, the footwear industry is helping to keep you stylish and the earth healthy, too.


The electronics industry runs off electricity. It makes sense that the industry would want to be as efficient as possible when it comes to one of our favorite power sources. Electronics are getting more exciting for work and play, but they're also becoming more eco-friendly due to an exciting new method of conducting energy, too.

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